Our British Corner Shop Delivery

Writing this post has made me almost as excited as I felt when we opened up the delivery from the British Corner Shop!

When moving out to America, we expected the supermarkets to have similar foods that we were used to back in the UK and we were right to a certain extent. We knew that we wouldn’t have a hope of finding Baked Beans or Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations but we accepted that. Thing is, there is actually quite a lot that they don’t have, things that we hadn’t anticipated. I must hand it to them though, a lot of their food products are unbelievable in comparison to what we are used to back home! They have so much variety with each and every one of their products, ice cream alone fills an entire isle…both sides… which is great if you are decisive, but for me it is an isle I will gladly skip! (This is something that I want to cover in more detail at a later point because food is obviously life and I could gladly talk about it all day.)

The funniest thing about this situation is I found myself missing items that I would hardly ever have at home, but as soon as they weren’t readily available IF I wanted them I craved them so much! Things such as squash/cordial, something I was fairly certain would be sold here but nope! They stock Kool-Aid drinks mix, but it just makes your water taste like you’ve added half a bag of sugar to it, not nice at all. Juices are sold everywhere, any kind of flavour you would like but unfortunately no squash. Even though I probably have maybe one glass of squash every 10 days, it was all I wanted when I knew I couldn’t have it.

Kool-Aid, $4.49 that I was talking about

I felt this way about Jammie Dodgers as well. After watching a British TV program and seeing the characters eating them I wanted one SO bad. Before our delivery I can’t actually remember the last time I had one, but could not get them out of my mind as soon as I’d seen them, I was like a woman possessed!

Luckily for us, as I was scouring the internet aimlessly trying to find some home comforts I came across British Corner Shop and might have shed a little tear as I discovered all of my favourite products right at my fingertips, plus the fact you get £15 off your first order! I began favouriting everything I wanted and then looked back at them all and realised it was all chocolate and biscuits! As soon as I told my husband and our flatmates we all jumped on it and started our order. Their selection is so extensive and at a very reasonable price too, so it was a no brainer. 

They have also recently reduced their shipping costs meaning that a 30kg box costs just £24.99 (they do offer smaller boxes too but go hard or go home right?!) They stock Waitrose Products as well if you’re missing anything specific; I’m just waiting until they start selling Marks & Spencer’s products…then my life will be complete. 

We got 46 items, including 1040 Yorkshire Tea bags, for £144.64 which is a bargain. They say that delivery takes anyway from 4-10 days and ours arrived on the 10th day. We were kept up to date from them though and from them packing it and shipping it, it was with us within the next three days which I thought was amazing. 

The day it arrived can only be likened to Christmas Day when you are a child. The excitement was REAL! We all unboxed our goodies together and arranged them all neatly for a solid Instagram story. Our friends and family found it hilarious that we had got so much; things that they would accumulate over a few weeks shopping but we had bought it all in one go. 

Look at all of that goodness

The funny thing is, since we’ve had it in our cupboards, we’ve all become almost a bit scared to eat it!! Because we have one packet of some things, they have remained shut three and a half weeks after they were delivered, although I did have to fulfil my craving of a Jammie Dodger as soon as they arrived!

The whole experience has been great. I have never eaten so many Baked Beans in all of my life but when they’re there and they taste so good, its hard not to! We’ve all been enjoying a ‘proper’ cup of tea too as well as other things that make us feel not so far away from home. 

I’m already planning my next order, I wonder what I’ll be craving next! 

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