Advice Please!

This blog post is more of an ask thank anything else – we need some advice on where to go to in LA as we plan our exciting honeymoon…

Now that all of the excitement of our amazing wedding day has quietened down a little bit, all we have left to do now is go on our honeymoon!

Because we are living in such an incredible part of the world, we thought that we would use our honeymoon to explore some of the west coast. We are planning a trip, around ten days long, hoping to fly to LAX or Palm Springs, then hire a car and venture up the coast back towards our home in SF.

I’ve never planned anything like this before, so I am currently getting maybe a little bit too excited and thinking that we can do everything possible in such a short time, which obviously we can’t. I wanted to write this post as I am hoping to whittle down some ideas to get a brief plan in place for our trip and wondered if any of my readers have any suggestions/recommendations?

We are obviously going to go to Universal Studios for the day and wanted to spend probably two to three days in LA and a night in Palm Springs, but everything else is optional! If anyone has done a similar trip or has visited that part of the world and wants to share their amazing stories I would love to hear them! Any dos or don’ts or any must sees would be greatly appreciated!! I would rather hear first hand stories than reading what Google has to say, so hit me up (probably the most american thing I have ever said… uh oh!)

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