Whilst I am sat here dreaming about food, I thought that now would be the opportune moment to write all about one of my favourite bakeries in the city…Mr Holmes Bakehouse, prepare to get real hungry real quick!

Visiting this quirky little bakery should be at the top of your foodie hit list when visiting San Francisco, for your morning cruffin or for snacks to set you up for the day, whatever you go for just make sure you get there early as they are only open for a short time (see specifics below).

When trying to find the store, you do cross through some questionable neighbourhoods and you will absolutely doubt that you are on the right path, but once you start climbing up Larkin Street and the smell of donuts hits you, I can guarantee that you will run to the doors like I did!

From looking at pictures, I thought that it would be a lot bigger than it is. It has a small waiting area with the Instagram worthy ‘I GOT BAKED IN SAN FRANCISCO’ neon sign and a glass countertop where the beautifully baked pieces of treasure all sit (I am incredibly passionate about baked goods). We went on a Saturday in June and got there at around 1pm, we walked straight in and there was only two other people in there (incredibly rare). Reading more reviews on Google, a lot of people have reported long queues, but have all said that it is worth the wait. The staff are super friendly and were definitely in better spirits than I would have been if I had to deal with people like me taking pictures of E V E R Y T H I N G!

After trying to contain my dribble at the selection (think exotic flavoured croissants, cookies and donuts), we went for a cinnamon filled donut, a strawberry donut with rainbow sprinkles, a milk chocolate and a triple chocolate cookie, oh no my mouth is watering again…

The whole place is an Instagrammers heaven! Even the box that our treats came in was swoon worthy and I was gutted when I had to leave it in the recycling bin. With all of that said, even though the store and its baked goods are all incredibly insta-worthy, the pictures cannot do it justice at all. The donuts were just a little slice of heaven, or more ball of heaven with more heaven filled inside. They were so light and fluffy and really did melt in the mouth and the cinnamon filling was such a delicious change to the traditional, I would absolutely recommend. If you are into your chocolate, then the cookies are for you. They are sprinkled with sea salt to give them an alternative taste and texture to the usual shop bought ones and are baked to perfection: crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. We sat in Huntington Park, just opposite the Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill and munched on our new goodies. We were in the city all day that day and the cookies came as much a tasty snack to keep us going and to keep my sweet tooth satisfied.

I would love to say ‘if you are in the neighbourhood check it out’ but I doubt that anyone would be, so instead I shall say this ‘get yourself in the neighbourhood to check it out, you won’t be disappointed!’

MHB 1.jpg




HOURS: MON – FRI: 7AM – 2:30PM | SAT – SUN: 8AM – 3:30PM


You can also make orders over 50 things at SANFRANCISCO@MRHOLMESBAKEHOUSE.COM


And they also have a countdown until Cruffin Time! For more information, check out there website here. 

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