Furnishing the Flat – Stage 1

Getting in the essentials

This is a post that I have been so excited to write as furnishing our flat has filled me with so many exciting ideas!! As you hopefully know from my previous post about Flat Hunting (if not, you will find it here), the flat that we are renting came completely unfurnished. I will keep you updated with the different stages we go through, until we have made the flat our home. 

We had quite a funny first week as we tried to live with the bare minimum… On our first night, we were given the keys to the flat at around 5pm, where we had a quick look around, dropped our bags off and then rushed out to buy the essentials! Being from the UK, we didn’t have a clue about where to go to get what we wanted so we strolled into the city with the hope that we would recognise a shop and low and behold, Target stands before us (anyone that follows Chrissy Teigen on Instagram knows about Target or Tar-jeyyy if you listen to Oprah!).

We were planning a trip to IKEA the following day, so it really was just essentials that we needed. We whittled it down to:

  • Blow up bed and pump, comforter (they don’t really do duvets because of the climate so a comforter is a thinner equivalent), pillows, towels and a few other little bits. We then proceeded to order pizza, sit on our blow up beds in the middle of the living room and laugh about how hilarious the first night in our flat was.

Since then, we have bought proper beds, night stands, crockery, glassware and cutlery as well as other little bits to make day to day a bit more comfortable. Living with boys though, they were desperate to buy a TV before we had a sofa… It took us a good week after buying the TV to find a good sofa for a good price, so before then we were sat on the floor watching Dr Phil, which was not ideal. As IKEA is the only homeware brand that we really know out there, we have made a fair few trips over the Bay Bridge and into the warming arms of the store (my flatmates hate how much I love it but it is just so convenient!). 

As this is the first post on furnishing our flat, I can only really include the minimum as we are yet to make any dramatic changes. Like I have said, we have purchased our essentials and now after spending a few weeks at home with my parents, I have some really exciting ideas for our bedroom and the lounge. I have put together a Pinterest board for my ideas, which includes what we already have and what we like. Once we have been to purchase these and they are up, I will show you some pictures! 

One thing we have really struggled with is storage, which is mad when you think that all we have to store is clothes, but still! As we only have one storage cupboard in our bedroom, it is tough to find a place for everything. I’m one of those people, if everything doesn’t have a place it makes me stressed! I don’t like the feeling of needing something and it being in three possible places and you have to go through all of them and its still not there. Who has time for that?! Absolutely not me. I would rather have a specific place for everything – documents go here, wires and chargers go here and anything that doesn’t fit into a category goes right over there. Sounds like heaven! But at the moment this is not what we have. Being the happily married couple that we are, we share the cupboard (even though I could easily fill it with my belongings alone but there we go!), this consists of a railing through the middle and a (high) shelf above. I have tried putting different things in different places but I am still yet to find a comfortable place for our stuff. It sounds silly, but there is no where easy to keep our underwear! I have bought a wicker basket which I had put it in, but there is no space for it at the bottom of the cupboard and it is definitely not convenient to try and get it from the top shelf every day- dilemma!! Also, our t-shirts and folded clothes do not have a space, they are not easily accessible from our top shelf and we have tried putting them under our bed (in a storage container) but this is just frustrating having to haul it out every day. At the beginning, I didn’t think that we would be able to fit a chest of drawers in our bedroom but all praise IKEA as I have found some!! They come in plain wood and need painting but that is all part of the fun – storage dilemma diverted and it means another IKEA trip is on the cards, sorry Adam! Then once these are in place, we can put pieces that we don’t need everyday access to on the top shelf of the wardrobe and I can commence with taking over the wardrobe, one jumper at a time… 

So this is the floor plan for our flat, we have lots of space and a lovely balcony! Ours is bedroom 2.

My beautiful artwork haha! So this is a basic aerial plan of our room, with the drawers at the bottom wall, mirror in the corner and the rug under the bed.

I have included what we have already and I cannot wait to see it all finished. Any ideas will be greatly received!! 

  1. ARSTID Wall Lamp, IKEA, $19.99. Our flat is clever is some aspects; for example, although we only have a few lights in the property, each room is equipped with a switch that will operate whatever you plug into that designated plug. The only issue with this, is that it is on Adam’s side of the bed (left) and a lamp on his side makes the room look lopsided. We did try to reach an extension cable under the bed to my side but it just would not reach! Therefore, I think that two of the lamps shown above on each side of our bed would look amazing and will fix our problem, win win!
  2. DVALA Pillowcases, IKEA, $6.99 / 2 pack. We actually have the bedding in the below picture, but have grey pillowcases on the back two pillows which darkens the room even more. To fix this, I would like to change these for the white pillowcases shown in the picture above.
  3. SELJE Nightstand, IKEA, $29.99. We already have these on each side of our bed, they’re super simple to make, although somehow Adam and I have both managed to make them differently! The drawer is very handy for all of the little bits that don’t yet have a home. I want to get some little books to put on mine, maybe two, one that is black and one white, just as a bit of decoration.

4. TRADASTER Bed Linen, IKEA, $12.99. This is such a bargain!!!! I wanted to get white bed linen but Adam wanted something with a bit of a pattern so we compromised and got this beautiful one for such a good price! It washes well and dries so quickly, it is also perfect if you don’t fancy ironing it as it can be thrown straight back on.

5. TARVA Chest of Drawers, IKEA, Pine $179.00. I love these so much. I have searched the internet for some drawers that had adequate space but wouldn’t take up a lot of space from the wall and the only ones I found were over $1,000. So when I saw these I definitely did a little excited dance! The depth of them is only 40cm, so means we still have room to dance around them. I’m unsure whether to paint them or to just wax them to make them a darker wood. Think I will see how everything looks first and make my decision as I don’t want the room to have too much white as it will need some depth!

6. KNAPPER Floor Mirror, IKEA, $59.99. This mirror is exactly what I wanted! Its surprising how expensive floor mirrors are, but I thought that this one was a good price for what it is. I’d put this in the corner by the chest of drawers.

Once I’ve managed to convince Adam to go to IKEA again, I will have another update on how everything looks – I’m excited already, I can almost smell the meatballs!! Like I said, if you have any suggestions or just want to share my love for IKEA, comment below or follow me!

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