Its the Final Countdown

Cue the powerful music…the final countdown to me leaving the UK is on! After being back for almost nine weeks, it is now only another six days until my departure and it has got me feeling very reflective. I am definitely feeling a mix of emotions about leaving; if I think about being reunited with my husband then I could almost jump out of my skin with excitement, but thinking of leaving our family makes my heart sink.

Its just that thing between the excitement of a fresh start and new life versus our old life and loved ones that we’re leaving behind. Both Adam and I are incredibly close with our families, so there is no doubt that we will miss them all like crazy but we knew that this was a factor when we made our decision to go so we have just got to grin and bare it!

When I first went to university, I was so caught up in the excitement of everything that I didn’t really noticed how much I missed home, until one night when I was getting ready to go out and it all hit me at once! The emotions all just got to me and I put my make up brush down and burst into tears. Living so closely with my flatmates made me realise that everyone goes through it. It seemed that it was at the 3-4 week mark when everyone got a little bit homesick. At that moment I rang my parents and asked to come home and said that I couldn’t do it – if my mum would have let me, my life would be so very different now!! Instead, she told me to stick with it and that I shouldn’t come home because I won’t go back (mums are so wise aren’t they!) and that they would plan a visit in a few weeks to come and see me, and that they did. I’m unsure whether this will be the same? Following our two month stint in SF, I spoke to my parents more than I did when I was in UK, so I didn’t find myself feeling home sick at all. Because I have the 3-4 month period of being unemployed (waiting for my right to work to be approved) when we first get out there, I’m hoping that this time will help me settle myself in my new environment, so then when I start work and will be in a routine it will all feel normal and I will only miss our loved ones as opposed to actually being home. 

The difference between moving away to uni and moving to the other side of the world is being able to do it with my best friend. Knowing that we are both going through it together and that we can comfort each other if we do ever have a wobble is incredibly comforting for both me and my parents! I think that both of our families know how good this fresh start will be for us, so have been so supportive and will definitely come to visit! 

Anyway, ramble over! I will be sharing how I’m coping at different stages of our move, but will also be updating everyone with all of the exciting things we will be up to (which will hopefully mask any feelings of missing home!).

Photo provided by Pexels

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