Corona Heights

I fancied a break from writing about the factual parts of our move and wanted to tell you about one of the many adventures we’ve had since we’ve been here! I already know that I am going to have the most fun writing these posts so for my own happiness and for the happiness of my readers, I will take one for the team and keep exploring all the city has to offer so I can keep writing these posts…how unfortunate haha!

For my first post, I wanted to cover something that we did on our very first morning in the city as the jet lag was in full force. It was something that probably would have taken us months to do had it not been for the lack of sleep, so for once I was actually thankful for the jet lag. It also meant that we were fresh for it and not in a sleep haze which meant that we could appreciate it for all of its glory, and boy was it glorious.

What I am talking about is our trip up to the Corona Heights Park. For anyone that doesn’t know, this is located in the Castro and Corona Heights neighbourhoods of San Francisco. Following a quick walk up some very steep hills you come to the outskirts of the park. After just a short ‘hike’ you reach the top of the summit. 

As we walked the streets to get there we were surrounded by fog and could hardly see any of the buildings in front of us. Above the fog, the darkness of the night was still very much in motion which made the fog even eerier. The most incredible part for me was reaching the summit, turning around and finding that we were now sat above the fog. We stared in awe at this amazing city before us, the reality hitting us that this remarkable place was now our home…and this was before the sun had even begun to rise! 

The moment we had waited for…we could see the glowing ball of vibrant oranges and yellows below the fog, just waiting to burst through. As it got closer to that layer, it forced its way through and lit up the entire sky and the city below. We sat in silence just admiring the beauty of what we were witnessing. Going from the hustle and bustle of the city life to this tranquil spot of serenity was just breathtaking. After a while we looked at each other and we both had the same look of astonishment in our eyes, what an amazing way to start the day. As the sky began to turn blue and the city below us began to wake up, we were both so peaceful yet excited to find more spots like this in this incredibly versatile city. 

So if you’re looking for a new way to start your day, this is definitely a spot to visit! I’m not sure if it is still one of the city’s best kept secrets or whether people already have too much to do in their mornings to appreciate it, but we were only joined by two other people, making our experience even better. I’ll keep you guys posted as we discover more spots like this and others in the bay area and surrounding. 

Our walk
Almost at the edge of the park
By far my favourite picture
There is a time-lapse of the sunrise on my instagram @contemplatingconnie

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