Our decision to move

Just a quick post to give you an insight into the process we followed when deciding to move, as  it was never going to be an easy decision to make. We went back and forth in our minds, having to factor in different elements that made the decision both easier and harder. Talking to our parents helped, but we knew that ultimately this was a decision that we needed to make on our own, and we eventually did.

I just wanted to share with you the process that we went through when making our decision – for us, the things on this list had different levels of priority. For another person reading this, these may rank higher or lower than they did for us, but ultimately this should resonate with you on some level and will hopefully help you make your decision if you are going through this process as well.

The first step in our process was to buy a whiteboard from The Works and begin with our Pros & Cons. (Everything is easier written down!) This is what we had come up with:-

A once in a lifetime opportunityNot being close to family if
we need to be
Fresh startNot being able to see young
relatives grow up
Better paid jobsMissing friends
More job opportunitiesPotentially missing big life
events in family/friends

New way of life, with new friends to
Having to adjust to a new way of life
For me, a chance to begin a career doing something I loveExpensive city – expensive to
move over there and to live
Better weatherHave to carry on renting a
property as opposed to buying
one now
Job opportunities when we come backPotential that we don’t like it and the effort will have been
for nothing
The only time in our lives that we would be able to do this (no mortgage, no kids)
Can always come home if we don’t like it
A chance to save money as our wages
will be higher

Although the table clearly shows that the pros outweigh the cons, not being close to our families was something that kept changing our minds. Our parents were both so supportive and accepting of this opportunity but, just like us, knew that it would be tough with us not being in the same country. We all agreed that this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime and both sets of parents said that they would go if they were our age. Following lots of tears (both happy and sad) we made our decision to go. We knew that we would be in it together and we could support each other through any tough times that we may experience, plus our families now have a holiday destination to visit, which they are very pleased about!! 

Hopefully this has given you a bit of an insight into the first few stages of our move and can help you with yours. 

Speak soon,

CC x

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